You have been using your refrigerator wrong this whole time!

You have been using your refrigerator wrong this whole time!There are things everyone does to their fridge and thinks it is fine. A lot of times we have problems with food or refrigerators just because we do not realize that the things we do considering normal are actually wrong. There are no rules on how to properly use your refrigerator step by step but there are some tips that will prevent your food and refrigerator from having problems. However, if your refrigerator is already broken we will fix it for you. Without further do, here are some things you have been doing wrong.

1. Close the plate or container before putting it in the fridge.

A lot of times we put food in the refrigerator without putting it in a close container. Everyone has been guilty of doing this. We all have leftover salads that we just through in the fridge with it’s plate. That actually makes your food rot and your fridge stink. Before doing anything put your food in a container and close the container. Or even if you do not have containers the plate you put the food on should be closed with a bag or parchment paper.

2. Do not over-stuff your refrigerator.

We all know that everyone’s goal is to have a lot of food in the refrigerator. Everyone thinks it is a good thing to have a bunch of stuff in your fridge. It is actually one of the biggest mistakes. The cold temperature in the refrigerator has to keep the food and the products fresh and tasty that is why the cold temperature needs to flow. For all of that the refrigerator has to have some empty space in it. Over-stuffing your fridge may not only rot your food but also may cause temperature issues for your fridge.

3. Do not stock the top of your refrigerator.

The top of the fridge pumps out warm air and if you block its way it will cause a lot of problems. The product or the thing that you put on top of the fridge will get hot and may cause issues depending on what it is. And since the way of through which warm air pumps out will be blocked , the inside of the fridge may have issues as well.

These things seemed to be normal in the past. However now you realize that you should stop doing these things or else you will definitely have to contact us for the fix of your refrigerator.

You have been using your refrigerator wrong this whole time!