What to cook in the oven?

what to cook in the oven We cook a lot of food in the on the stoves, which is absolutely amazing, however there are a few foods that are better to be cooked in the oven. There are many reasons why ovens can cook some food better and you will find out why.

1. Potatoes

Potatoes are probably one of the most used vegetables. Everyone cooks and loves potatoes, however most of the time potatoes are cooked on the stove. It is much better to bake potatoes in the oven rather than cook it on the stove, because it is much healthier. You do not need  a lot of oil and you can actually enjoy a soft or crunchy healthier version of potatoes.

2. Vegetables

Peppers, tomatoes, eggplants, zucchinis etc. These vegetables have so many vitamins in them that it would be terrible to eat them without the vitamins. The oven helps the vegetables keep their vitamins. It is much healthier to bake the vegetables since there isn’t much oil used once again.

3. Meat

When the meat is cooked on the stove it becomes pretty unhealthy. It is very oily and can be very bad for you and your dear stomach. However, if you cook the meat in the oven it will keep all of its good qualities, vitamins and will be healthier for you.



what to cook in an oven


Always be smart in your choices. Stoves and microwaves are awesome, however some foods are better cooked in the oven, because of their taste and because they keep


a lot of healthy vitamins in them.