Are microwaves safe? 

Are microwaves safeFood is something we all need and enjoy. However, sometimes it takes forever to cook our favorite meal and it is super frustrating. Microwaves seem the best solution to the food time management problem. Microwaves are fast, effective and super easy to use. While if you had to cook the food by yourself, you would have to know a lot of information on how to do what. If your microwave is broken, we will fix it immediately. But there is one question that rises while talking about microwaves. Are microwaves safe?

Does a microwave harm the food?

A lot of people say that microwaves are dangerous for our health. They say that the food becomes toxic when it cooks in the microwave, and they also say that while we wait for our food to be cooked standing next the microwave, that is dangerous for our health also. Does the food really become poisonous while cooking in the microwave? Absolutely not. Scientists have proved that it is completely safe. However, standing too close to the microwave can be very dangerous. Scientists say that people should keep their distance while the food is processing in the microwave, because of radiation.

Does a microwave break down nutrition?

Are microwaves safe?

The answer to that is yes, but so does any oven or stove. The heat used on the food automatically breaks down nutrition. However on the good note, ovens and stoves use so much heat that they break the vitamin c in the food, while microwave does not. That is why it is safer and quicker to use the microwave.



Are microwaves safe?Should we avoid microwaves?

All in all, microwaves can be dangerous if we stand too close to them, however they are completely safe in any other cases. Microwave gets stuff done very quickly and is very easy to use, so why not save your time and effort? In any way microwaves can break or have problems, so in case of any issues call us and we will be right at your door and will repair your microwave. (818)-688-2998